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Celebration & Event Albums

Everyone loves a big event. Whether that be a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, or a wedding or a party you’ve almost certainly captured lovely pictures on your phone or camera. But do you want something more tangible, more robust and longer lasting than files on your computer?

A Seasons of Life Celebration Album takes your images and brings them to life on the printed page enabling you to hold your memories in your hands. We guide you through our simple process to produce something to remember these occasions for many years to come.
Here's our process.... 
Seasons of Life - Celebration Albums

Understanding your Requirements

We’ll discuss your Celebration Album with you to understand what photographs you have and what you’d like to include. We’ll also help you think about how we can show your photos in themes to make it a richer experience for the reader. After this meeting, we’ll send you an estimate of costs. On deciding to go ahead we will provide guidance for selecting images.

Seasons of Life - Photo Books

Choosing Images

Using our guides you’ll send us your photographs using our simple file transfer process. You can also send us small souvenirs that you would like photographed for inclusion in the Celebration Album.​

Seasons of Life - Photo Books

Bringing it all together

Your photographs will be prepared, enhanced and cropped where necessary. We will discuss and agree on appropriate captions for the photographs and provide you with a final proof of the whole Album for your approval. Lastly, we commission the printing and binding from our specialist provider.

An Object of Beauty

Seasons of Life - Photo Books
Seasons of Life - Photo Books
Seasons of Life - Photo Books
A beautiful way to remember a beautiful occasion
   ​Colourful and creative, your photographs will be presented in one of our stunning Celebration Albums. The images from the holiday that you’d planned for years, the wonderful wedding day or the family birthday weekend will all be bound up in one striking book.

Seasons of Life can make creating a lovely coffee-table book from your photographs so simple. Your special photographs from special occasions deserve something, well, special so why not contact us to see what we can do for you.    

The past, told now, preserved forever.    

"You've got lots of white space in your design; it really shows the photos off well, much better than when I've tried to do an album"                  Show Visitor
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