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Heritage Business Albums

Through stormy seas and calm waters, every business navigates their way through the years. Every business is a story of success, failure and everything in between. Celebrating the highs and lows of the past is a valuable exercise at any time for any company but is so often forgotten.
A Seasons of Life Heritage Business Album enables you to create a meaningful record of the most important events of the company. Whether your company is ten years old or over a hundred then we can work with you to capture it all in images and words.   
Here's our process.... 
Seasons of Life - Company Photo Albums

Getting to know your company

We’ll meet with you to discuss your Heritage Business Album explaining how we’ll work together, answering your questions. After this meeting, we’ll send you an estimate of costs. On deciding to go ahead, we will send you a questionnaire to gather outline information that will help us plan your Album.

Seasons of Life - Business Photo Albums

Getting to know the story

We will meet with you to gather information about the key events of your company’s past, prompting you to recall using a structured interview process. We can take away previously published documents that provide additional background.     ​​

Seasons of Life - Business Photo Albums

Choosing photographs

We will write an outline company story based on our meetings, highlighting key people, places and events as a prompt for you to find photographs that illustrate the story. You can also identify any original photography required.

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Seasons of Life - Business Photo Albums

Bringing it all together

After agreeing the copy with you, your photographs will be prepared; restored or enhanced where appropriate. We will discuss and agree appropriate captions for the photographs and provide you with a final proof of the whole Album for your approval. Lastly we commission the printing and binding from our specialist provider.

A Stunning Record

Seasons of Life - Business Photo Albums
Seasons of Life - Company Photo Albums
Seasons of Life - Business Photo Albums
  An amazing document that encapsulates your heritage
   ​Your company story will all be celebrated in one of our beautiful Heritage Business Albums. The old photographs from the company’s past will be brought to new life and new eyes will see where you have come from.

The significant events and the ordinariness of business can be celebrated in equal measure. Leaders and staff, past and present, can feature in the Album, resulting in a valuable record of the company that will last for decades to come.

Your company story, long or short, turbulent or tranquil, would look fantastic in a Seasons of Life Heritage Business Album.
The past, told now, preserved forever.    

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