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Heirloom Family History Albums

Do you know where you and your ancestors come from? Do you know all their names? Do you know who is in all the old family photos? If you do then now is the time to bring it all together and share it with the rest of your family.​

A Seasons of Life Heirloom Family History Album enables you to get the old photos out of the box and onto the page. We take your family tree research and design it into the book or simply create a stunning wall poster.
Here's our process.... 
Seasons of Life - Photo Restoration

Getting to know you

We’ll meet with you in your own home to discuss your Family History Album, explaining how we’ll work together, answering your questions. After this meeting, we’ll send you an estimate of costs. On deciding to go ahead, we will send you a questionnaire to gather outline information that will help us plan your Album.

Seasons of Life - Photo Framing

Getting to know your story

We’ll meet with you, again in your own home, to understand what information and images you have. We’ll encourage you to think about suitable chapters for the book and whether any other family members have images to include. This can be a really rewarding experience for the whole family.​
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Seasons of Life - Photo Digitalisation

Choosing photographs

You will provide us with your original photographs that illustrate your family’s story. These can be prints, negatives, slides or digital files. You can also identify any mementoes that you would like us to photograph for the album.

Seasons of Life - Family History Books

Bringing it all together

Your photographs will be prepared, restored or enhanced where necessary. We will discuss and agree on appropriate captions for the photographs and provide you with a final proof of the whole Album for your approval. Lastly, we commission the printing and binding from our specialist provider.

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An Amazing Outcome

Seasons of Life - Family History Books
Seasons of Life - Family History Books
Seasons of Life - Family History Books
A timeless Heirloom to be treasured & shared
Your photographs and your family will all be celebrated in one of our beautiful Family Albums. Those fading old photographs will be released from their boxes and gain new life in the printed form. We’ll even give you an online copy to share with loved ones far away.​

To go with your Family History Album you may also have chosen a Family Tree poster. You’ll be amazed at the conversations that emerge when visitors see your Family History beautifully presented on the wall.

If you’ve ever wanted to tell the story of your family then Seasons of Life can help.

The past, told now, preserved forever.    

"I started writing my memoires, but I got stuck on about the third page!"     
     Family History Show visitor    
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