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      As sure as the seasons of the year come and go, so do the seasons of our lives. Every life is a story, rich in narrative, unique in plot. But what if that story wasn't told? What if those family photographs faded away, along with the memories that go with them?
A Seasons of Life Heirloom Life Album enables you to possess a meaningful record of the most important events of your life. Whether you want to cover just a few years or your entire life then we would love to help you capture it all in images and words.    
Here's our process.... 
Seasons of Life - Heirloom Albums

Getting to know you

We’ll meet with you in your own home to discuss your Heirloom Life Album explaining how we’ll work together, answering your questions. After this meeting, we’ll send you an estimate of costs. On deciding to go ahead, we will send you a questionnaire to gather outline information that will help us plan your Album.

Seasons of Life - Heirloom Albums

Getting to know your story

We interview you, again in your own home, to gather the stories that capture the key events of your life. Typically, this would be completed over two sessions and we do all we can to help you relax and recall key events of the past. The interviews are recorded for posterity! There will also be a portrait session to capture a contemporary photograph of you for the Album. We can also include your family tree if you have one.
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Seasons of Life - Photo Restoration

Choosing photographs

We will write your story based on the interview, highlighting key people, places and events as a prompt for you to find photographs that illustrate your story. You can also identify any mementoes that you would like us to photograph for the album.    

Seasons of Life - Photo Books

Bringing it all together

After your story is finalised, your photographs will be prepared, restored or enhanced where necessary. We will discuss and agree on appropriate captions for the photographs and provide you with a final proof of the whole Album for your approval. 
Framed prints of restored photographs can be prepared if required.
Lastly, we commission the printing and binding from our specialist provider.

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A Beautiful Outcome

Your album will be hand-bound with heavyweight satin paper and presented in a matching wooden slip case. In addtion, your enhanced and restored photos will be returned on a USB stick in a matching presentation box. You'll also receive a PDF version for you to easily share with friends and family, and a 7"x5" print of a chosen photograph.​​
Seasons of Life - Family History Books
Seasons of Life - Life Story Books
Seasons of Life - Life Story Albums
A priceless Heirloom to be treasured and an experience never to be forgotten    
    ​Your story, your photographs and your life will all be celebrated in one of our beautiful Life Albums. Those dusty old photographs that only you ever see can be shared with others. Your ancestors’ faces have been identified and your family will now know who is in that old school photo of yours!

You will also have encountered The Seasons of Life Experience. We will have led you through the different ‘seasons’ of your life: some long, some short; some happy, some sad, and along the way you will have relived and relished your past.

If there ever was a perfect gift to your family, then this is it.

The past, told now, preserved forever.    

”I really like what Grandma has written at the end of her book” 
 Miss R T, Manchester
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