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Payment Options

A priceless heirloom made affordable

   ​A Seasons of Life Album is an item to be treasured and we are sure we can create one for you to celebrate any occasion. We know you will love the look and feel of it as well as appreciating the high standard of production. To make owning one of our Albums as easy as possible we have developed a number of payment plans.

Deposit & Staged Payment Plan

   ​This is our standard payment method. The estimated costs are divided into three payments each of 30% spread through the development of the Album. The last of these is to be paid as the Album is approved by the client. The remaining 10%, plus any agreed additional costs, will be paid after final delivery of the Album.

This is the only payment option for our Business Albums.   

Instalment Plan

    The development of a Life Album can sometimes take many months, therefore, we are able to set up an Instalment Plan to spread the costs over this period.  An agreed amount is paid each month during the development cycle. Any remaining balance will be paid after final delivery of the Album.

Friends & Family Plan

      This is similar to the Installment Plan but we are able to accept payments from the wider family. This is an ideal way to spread the cost across the whole family for an Album celebrating the life of a special relative. We could even set this up prior to starting the Album so that you are able to offer it as a gift.
Seasons of Life - Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers

These are available in £10, £25 and £50 denominations and can be used to contribute towards the cost of any Album (except our Business Range). Gift Vouchers can be used as part payment in any of the above Payment Plans.

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Framed Print Vouchers

In addition, we offer ‘Framed Print’ Vouchers at a cost of £50 which will cover the cost of a restored, framed historic print. All you pay is the postage.

Read more about our Prints and Framing service.
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